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We are committed to help you to find the right piece of equipt, with the right specifications.

Whether you are looking for a multimeter, clamp meter, leakage tester, insulation tester or other specialty meter, we have whatmen you need.

We are based in KL and supply the whole of Malaysia. We are authorized dealer for multimeter brands we carrying. Every multimeter provided by gives you what you need.

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Mohd Azrae
Good product
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KC Leong
Very good service from Levine!
Good service. Fast response and helpful.
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Hanafiah Izwan
Good service from seller. Fast response and helpful. Recommended and looking forward to deal again next time.
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Hiew Kiatchun
Nice seller,fast response(important) and reasonable prices.
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Syuhada Haslan
Very good service. Fast response. Keep up the good work.
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lee ck
Great satisfaction, buy , pay and received within 1 hour ( in KL area), will continue support
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mohd haris Shahar
Staff very helpful.. recommended place untuk siapa2 nk beli barangan elektrik..
Self pickup. Murah sgt... Real not fake...
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Khuzairi Mohzan
Sraff very friendly , fast response and good offer. CONGRATS & Happy Chinese anew Year

We Carry Ready Stock Multimeters
( Fluke, Kyoritsu, Sanwa, Uni-Trend )

We offer a wide range of quality test and measurement equipment such as multimeters, clamp meters, leakage testers, insulation testers and any other specialty meters from solid reputation International Multimeter Manufacturers. These manufacturers include Fluke, Kyoritsu, Sanwa and Uni-Trend; all ready to collect. And all you need to do is just whatapps or call us up! Our service team always ready to respond your call or enquiry!

We are Top Fluke authorized dealer that carry 100% Authentic & Ready Stock supply to our customers.
Same goes to Kyoritsu. We cater almost full range of Kyoritsu models to our customers.
Same goes to Sanwa. We cater some of the Sanwa models, such as Sanwa CD800a, PM3, YX360TRF and etc.
Same goes to Uni-Trend. We cater some of the Uni-Trend models. Feel free to enquire us about any Uni-Trend models that you looking for.

Types Of Multimeters We Offer In Malaysia

We provide one-stop high-reliable components & accuracy meters from leading brands such as Kyoritsu, Fluke, Megger, Sanwa, Uni-Trend and many more in Malaysia. Browse our range today and find your ideal multimeters to fulfill your needs.


We supply different multimeter brands in Malaysia includeย Kyoritsu multimeters, Fluke multimeters, Sanwa multimeters, Uni-Trend multimeters. Too many models to choose? No worry, we provide you with the selection guidance of multimeters! Check out NOW

Clamp Meters

We supply different types of clamp meters include digital clamp meters, analogue clamp meters, dc clamp meters, and leakage clamp meters to fulfil your job or project’s requirements in Malaysia. Check out NOW!

Insulation Testers

ย We do supply different range of insulation resistance testers include digital insulation testers, analogue insulation testers, high voltage insulation testers up to 10,000V. Selection of guidance for insulation resistance testers is available. Check out NOW!

Earth Testers

We supply different brands’s earth testers in Malaysia include Kyoritsu earth testers, Fluke earth testers, Uni-Trend earth testers etc. Welcome to enquire if you are looking for other’s brand’s earth testers!

Multi Function Testers

We do supply multi function testers in Malaysia include Kyoritsu multi function testers, Fluke multi function testers etc. Welcome to enquire if you are looking for other’s brand’s multi function testers!

Voltage Testers

We offer different range of voltage testers brands include Fluke voltage testers & Kyoritsu voltage testers & Uni-Trend voltage testers. Welcome to enquire if you are looking for other’s brand’s voltage testers


The best Loop Impedance & RCD Combined Testers products and stock availability in our store. Welcome to enquire if you are looking for other’s brand’s RCD / LOOP / PAT Testers!

Area Coverage For Multimeter Malaysia

We are based in Kuala Lumpur and we do supply multimeter throughout Malaysia. If you are looking for Cash On Delivery (COD), whatapps us! We are ready to serve you!


Presently, we are represently renowned brands of test equipments โ€œFLUKEโ€, โ€œKYORITSUโ€, โ€œSANWAโ€, and โ€œUNI-TRENDโ€. Beside handling sales and marketing for our products, we also provide value added services like calibration for our range of products.

With 12 years of experience in this industry, we excel in providing clients with top-tier advice in terms of product-related knowledge.

The entire sales and service team are driven to provide high quality services and solutions to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to fostering strong business relationships with our suppliers and to constantly review our management strategy thereby creating a positive and creative corporate culture.


Looking for someone to solve your multimeter need is so much easier with us in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With just one simple click, you can have an expert to assist you all the way from solving your multimeter urgency or any other technical problems.

    Why Choose To Buy From

    It is best to get multimeters with theย No.1 Trusted and Reliable Multimeter company in Malaysiaย driven to provide high quality services and solutions to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. All of our technicians in KL are trained to diagnose the problem and get rid of your problem/concern.

    All our stocks are 100% Authentic; any device issue? You can text us and we will check the device and solve for you accordingly. As all our multimeter are legit where get from Fluke & Kyoritsu Malaysia, any of the faulty of the devices, it can be claimable.
    Most of our multimeters are ready stock, thus when you order anything from us we will ship on the next morning. You can get your parcel really fast!
    Weโ€™ve teamed up with some great delivery drivers to make sure you receive your order as quickly as possible. We know you want your order fast, and we do everything we can to make sure that happens.
    We are authorized dealers for all our brands, which means you get the full manufacturerโ€™s warranty on all products.

    How Work

    We have a great team to make sure you receive your order as quickly as possible. We know you want your order fast, and we do everything we can to make sure that happens. Refer to below picture that shows how we process your order.

    Customer Review about Our Multimeters

    Multimeter Malaysia Reviews-01

    Saya dah beli 3 kali dah! Harga cantik! Barang quality, harga berpatut!

    Multimeter Malaysia Reviews-02

    Memang risau deal online so I whatapps owner & request Cash On Delivery (COD). I check barang dan semua dalan condition cantik. Good service. Highliy recommended.

    Multimeter Malaysia Reviews-03

    First time deal! Barang 100% Original! Highly Recommended.

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    Barang ready stock! Memang urgent nak, suka fast delivery mereka. Trusted Shop.

    FAQs That You Might Curious About

    Once payment is made, we will start packing your order and proceed to shipping. You will get your order within 1-3 days.

    Yes. All our multimeters are 100% Authentic.ย 
    Kyoritsu – originally from Japanย 
    Fluke – originally from USAย 
    Sanwa – originally from Japanย 
    Uni-Trend – originally from China When you receive your parcel, you will notice that inside of the box we attach the Certificate of Conformity. This certificate indicates that the product was produced in conformity to the system which assures the product meets its published specifications.

    Standard 1 year manufacturerโ€™s warranty.

    Yes. We accept bulk orders and we can arrange delivery service to your doorstep / shops. Any measuring tester dealers, resellers & corporates are welcome to get FREE quotations from us! Send us your order now!

    Yes. We can arrange shipments overseas! Send us your order now!

    How You Solve It? When there is a faulty multimeter, you can get advice from our professional technical support to solve the device product or we will replace a new unit for you.