You are currently viewing Digital Multimeter or Analog? Which one should I choose?

Digital Multimeter or Analog? Which one should I choose?

If you work in a company dealing with electricity or perhaps a certified electrician, you undoubtedly know how useful a Multimeter is. Since they are tools used to measure voltage, current, and resistance, it is vital that you have one that’s suited for your field of work. But with the rise of different kinds of Multimeter, it can be quite challenging to choose one that’s best for you. 


“Digital or Analog Multimeter?” It is a common question asked by individuals who can’t seem to decide between the two. Both tools offer great features that’ll get the job done, but it’s good to know their differences. In this article, we will compare digital and analog multimeters and help you arrive at a decision on what tool to choose. So go forth and read on!


The Benefits Offered By  Digital Multimeters


– More Accurate Measurements 


Accurate Measurements are needed when dealing with electricity since wrong information can lead to errors in a project. One thing that makes Digital Multimeters great is that they often give more accurate readings compared to analog multimeters. The risks for misreading the displayed measurement is decreased since the digital multimeter’s screen displays precise numbers.


– Safe and Durable 


If you’re a bit clumsy (don’t worry, many of us are!), then a durable tool is what you need. Digital multimeters are more resistant to drops, scratches, and shock failures than analog ones. Since they don’t have parts that are always moving, like the pointer of an analog reader that can be moved from their correct placement, they have a lesser chance of getting damaged. 


– Lesser Chance of Parallax Errors 


It’s a technician’s worst nightmare to give out the wrong information to a specific client. However, using Digital multimeters can help you avoid committing Parallax errors. A Parallax error happens when you accidentally view an analog multimeter’s needle from another point and misinterpret the given measurement.

The Benefits Offered By Analog Multimeters

Suitable For Any Type of Climate 


A great thing about Analog Multimeters is that they don’t ever overheat, meaning they can be a better choice for outdoor activities and projects, especially when you’re working in a warmer climate.  Furthermore, it doesn’t matter what the time of the year is; an analog multimeter is suited for any type of weather! 


– Doesn’t Rely on Batteries 


If you often work on longer projects that require you to be outside, then analog multimeters are ideal for you since you don’t need a power source or batteries to utilize one. Not having to buy an external power source or batteries can also help you cut off on additional expenses.


– Easily Detect Errors 


If you’ve accidentally attached your analog reader to the wrong area, or if your reading of voltage is clearly off, then you don’t’ have to depend on a digital screen to inform you. The pointer will peg on its own, helping and alerting you that you’ve possibly made an error. This is great if you’re too busy and can’t sometimes notice an error being displayed in digital ones. 




Although there are many things to consider, such as your budget, preference, and usage, knowing their main differences can play a considerable part when making a decision.


This concise guide shows the main distinguishing features found on these types of multimeters; you’re now ready to decide which kind of tool is the best one for you. So make sure to check us out when you choose to purchase your multimeter; it’ll definitely help you! 


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