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Multimeters Parts and Function: [Everything You Need to Know About Them]

If you’re someone who’s aspiring to be a technician or electrician someday, then it’s a great idea to be knowledgeable about the tools you’re going to be using in the field. Understandably, it can be quite a daunting task to learn all these. However, as they all say “Knowledge is Power.” 


Multimeters, (also known as Multitesters or VOM) are an electronic instrument utilized for measuring. The device combines various measurement tasks in one unit, and it can measure current, voltage, and resistance and among the tools you’ll be using are Multimeters.


 In this article, we will show you the different parts and function of Digital and Analog multimeters so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

The Main Parts and Functions of Digital Multimeters



The Display 


The display of a Digital Multimeter usually shows the result in numbers rather than a scale. If you measure electricity, This is where you can see the measurements of your voltage, current or resistance. The display typically consists of four digits and can show a negative sign. Several multimeters have features that illuminate their screen display to give you a better viewing in low light situations.


The Buttons and Input Jacks 


Depending on the kind of model, a digital multimeter contains several buttons for different functions. These buttons may include: On/Off switch, Menu Button, Frequency and Duty Cycle, Range, Audible Signal and many more. The Digital Multimeter’s controls allow you to choose what function you’d prefer to use. 


On the other hand, the input jacks are where you place your test leads. This is what you use to measure electricity. 


 The Rotary Switch 


A digital multimeter contains a rotary switch and this switch may be shifted between a significant majority of positions. Suppose the rotary switch is in a specific position. In that case, the user can change the component currently associated with that location from a default to a non-default feature. It allows you to select resistance, voltage and continuity.

The Main Parts and Functions of Analog Multimeters



The Pointer and The Scale


When you opt to use the older versions of multimeters or as many refer to as “Analog Meters” You can see a needle-like pointer on its display. The pointer is what moves around the scale of the Analog Multimeter, and It shows the specific results read from the scale. On the other hand, the scale is a series of marks used for reading the precise value of quantity. The scale can have various types of scale, for current and voltage readings.


The Test Probes 


Primary probes are “sensor” of enclosed metal which can be placed to cables, parts or tracks on a circuit board. Usually, their color is coded: positive is red, negative is black. This allows you to let your hands be free when reading. For checking non-electronic principles, such as atmospheric pressure, pH or light, specialized probes are also obtainable.


The Range and Range Selector Knob 


The range in an Analog Multimeter gives you a more precise measurement for voltage, current or resistance. It usually displays markings of the different point of ranges. On the flip side, the Range Selector Knob is what allows you to change the scale.


For example, you cannot measure a 200-volt circuit board with only 100 volts in range. It might cause a short circuit or even cause burning.




Learning new things about complicated cools can be hard to grasp; however, this kind of knowledge will undoubtedly help you in the field. Proper knowledge about the tools you’ll be using will give you lesser difficulties when dealing with different projects. Now, that’s certainly worth the read!


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